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What is Click Speed Test? Like how an athlete prepares for a run or a boxer trains for every consecutive fight, gamers have also found a way to prepare with a click speed test. Especially those fond of high-speed action-filled clicking games.

Not so long ago, video games were every teenage boy or girl traditional means of de-stressing after a long day from school. Nothing more. But as live streaming of video games started gaining traction, it became something more fulfilling, competitive, fun but serious business at the same time. Suddenly, avid gamers who'd like nothing more than to play games all day became the centre of attention of millions of people. And viewers in turn got entertained watching players become heroes in epic storytelling games. It's the perfect symbiotic relationship. The icing on the cake is when it started becoming a source of income on platforms like Twitch, YouTube and others.

In light of these changes, massive players needed the means to sharpen their skills. Ergo the need for click speed test tools such as the Kohi speed test. While click speed tests aren't useful to every game, they indeed hold value when playing high-speed action or horror games live in front of an audience. Good examples of games that require fast clicking include:

How does it work?

Every clicking speed test works with the basic premise of presenting players with simulated obstacles that require clicks to pass them. Although simple in theory, the untrained fingers can quickly go numb from excessive clicks or worse yet, a player will perform poorly in the test. What a nightmare scenario.

There are different types of mouse-clicking tests on the internet, many of which you are free to use. Naturally, the nature of the clicking test differs from game to game. There are also specific clicking training games aimed to improve individual specialised skills such as

Undoubtedly, the accumulation of these skills will make a significant gamer out of you.

How to start a click speed test

Given how intricately linked clicking speed is to your gaming career, it's prudent that you improve upon it. So where do we start from?

What is CPS?

CPS is an abbreviation for clicks per second, which refers to the number of clicks made when measured in seconds. It's usually measured in seconds because it's fair to assume that the human fingers cannot repeatedly click at such high speed over minutes. It's also an excellent representation of how well you could play a click game under the right conditions. Ergo, it's not surprising that gamers usually turn these clicking tests into competitive matches.

Over the years, several different methods of clicking have been devised to pass the speed cps testы. Examples include:

What Is Jitter Click?

Jitter click in many ways is just the normal mouse-clicking motion but at an insanely fast pace aimed at getting more cps. Players usually begin to feel numbness in the finger, as well as mild to severe pains in the arm after a few hours or days. It's also the most common type of click skill used in most gameplays. To do this:

What Is Drag Click?

To the novice, drag clicking does not refer to moving the mouse in any direction and then making clicks along the way. On the other hand, it's a technique that when done right can give players 30cps. It's a skill usually employed in the Minecraft gameplay. So how do you do it?

What is a Butterfly click?

The name is devised from the repeated clicking of the mouse using the middle and index fingers. In contrast to jitter clicks, butterfly clicks require two alternating fingers. Also, it's a better alternative to jitter click. To do this properly:

What is autoclicking?

Autoclicking essentially refers to using software that can imitate the input or function of a mouse. And depending on the settings Autoclicking can produce insane figures on click speed tests. They are frowned upon amongst professional players as it does not represent the actual skills and effort of players. Naturally, they are banned in certain games.

How to click faster

While it has little value in normal mouse usage, the faster clicker is always the better player when it comes to live streaming click games. And it would help if you wanted to be the better player, otherwise, say bye-bye to your income and viewers. So how does one get faster at clicking? What sets apart the best gamers from the rest? It comes down to these essential tips which include:

In conclusion, everyone aims to excel in their chosen field of expertise, and video gamers are not the exception to the status quo. But whether or not one can excel depends entirely on the individual. Luckily for you, you've got mouse clicking tests and tools at your disposal to help bring out the best in you. You can't be the person who always loses. Start today and earn some bragging rights.