Mouse polling rate test

Find out what polling rate your mouse has. Click on blue field below and move your mouse a little bit.

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Polling rate: 0 Hz

Latency: 0 ms

Mouse polling rate

The mouse polling rate is a value that determines how often your computer communicates with the mouse. It is also called the mouse frequency. The higher the frequency, the more accurate the positioning of the cursor when moving.

A good value for a gaming mouse is 500Hz and above. In some gaming devices it can be changed manually.

Mouse latency is a value inversely proportional to frequency, it shows the time between computer accesses to the mouse.

How to test mouse polling rate and latency

To test the mouse polling rate, click on the blue box and move the mouse in circles. The frequency and delay value will immediately appear on the screen. The frequency log of your mouse will be shown on the left. To stop the test, click on the blue box again or click the “reset” button.