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Competitiveness amongst gamers is one of the most fulfilling things you can ever be a part of, second only to being in the bracket with streaming views. Aside from the gift of adrenaline rush from killing your opponents in a shooting game, you also gain recognition and camaraderie. That's certainly something to cherish. Now, imagine the pure bliss of competing on one of the basic skills of computer gaming, namely clicking. And that's what the clicks per 5 seconds competition is offering you. Don't pass on it until you've had the experience.

Why join the speed clicks in 5 seconds test

Fun in competitiveness certainly sure seems like a compelling reason to join the click speed test trend in the gaming world. But if that's not compelling enough, then here are a myriad of reasons to spend 5 seconds productively.

There are thousands of gamers online who wish to improve their click speed for implied performance in gameplay. Sadly, they are oblivious to the facts of the click speed tests. You won't be anymore.