30 seconds click test

How many clicks can you make in 30 seconds? Test your click speed right now! 👇

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Most people who haven't heard of the clicks per 30 seconds test will be correct in assuming that this is too small a time to do anything productive. On the contrary 30 seconds is all it takes in consecutive sessions to hone your skills for some of the most graphically appealing clicking games. But it's not easy to gain those skills, otherwise it wouldn't be a challenge.

Why do the speedy clicks in 30 seconds test

In the gaming world, reputation is everything, second only to stream views. Building a consistent reputation for the highest clicks in 30 seconds will inevitably make you a curious fellow to watch play. And that's just one benefit. Other advantages to taking the CPS test include:

Clicking is one of the easiest things to do when using a computer. It takes zero effort. So why not make a name for yourself by being the best at it in the gaming world?