1000 seconds click test

Check how many clicks you can do in 1000 seconds 👇

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Timer will start right after you click "Start" button. The graph below will show how your CPS changes during the test.

CPS chart

Minecraft, with its sandbox gameplay, is one of the highly played games worldwide that need as frequent clicks as you can breathe. Are you a Minecraft streamer? What is your score of clicks in 1000 seconds (CPS) on a good day? Do you survive playing against other players? If not, then the clicks per 1000 seconds challenge is just what you need to boost your morale. Think of it as your personal Minecraft training grounds.

Tips for clicks per 1000 seconds test

This click speed test is one of the most vigorous, both in duration and in clicks. Granted, you'll make more clicks than you would in  60 seconds, it becomes more of a test of endurance. Consider these tips if you want to make the best out of one thousand seconds.

  1. Use a secondary mouse
  2. Use Butterfly clicks
  3. Use Drag clicks
  4. Use Jitter clicks
  5. Be patient with yourself


There's no denying the fact for most people; their fingers will eventually get tired. The best way to delay this is to switch between the different clicking techniques for the 1000 seconds duration. Before you know it, you'd have already surpassed your personal best.