100 seconds click test

Check how many clicks you can do in 100 seconds 👇

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Timer will start right after you click "Start" button. The graph below will show how your CPS changes during the test.

CPS chart

How many clicks in 100 seconds can you make? When was the last time you had a real challenge? In reality, a hundred seconds seems short; however, not when it comes to clicking. The clicks per 100 seconds challenge is another ultimate challenge for gamers to test their raw skills outside their favourite click games. Many have tried and will keep trying but are yet to come close to producing impressive scores. Do you have what it takes to succeed where others failed? The ball is in your court.

Why “The Clicks Per 100 Seconds Test” is excellent for gaming progress

One of the best competitors and motivators a gamer can have is themselves. You want to aim always to exceed previous expectations and records every chance you get. And that's what the 100 seconds click speed challenge allows you to achieve in a much better capacity. Here's why.

So, are you obsessed with winning? Do you want to continue to remain at the top? Then keep beating your CPS score on this test, and you'll be unreachable before you know it.