1 second click test

Do you know how many clicks you can do in 1 second? Let's find out on the clicks per second challenge.

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The countdown Timer will start immediately after you click blue button. Press "reset" to start over.

The clicks per second test or the superhuman challenge is arguably the most common of all the speed click tests. This is mainly because it takes no time and players can do it endlessly. After all, it only takes a second. Fortunately, yet unfortunately, the minimal time puts a lid on the number of clicks one can make in a session. In other words, only about two or three clicks more than the average is humanly possible on the one-second speed click challenge. In light of this, progress can often feel stunted on the CPS test.

How many clicks in 1 second can you make?

If you are new to this challenge, then the click per second test is one of the best places to start. However, you might not feel yourself making progress exponentially as compared to the other time limits on the clicking challenge. The silver lining is, you'll begin to perform better in other time limits, the moment you begin to see progress in clicks in 1 second.

In a nutshell, it appears the difficulty of these tests is inversely proportional to the duration of the test. In other words, the clicks per second challenge is undoubtedly the most challenging form of this test. It's also what holds the most promise so players can't do without.