Kohi click test

What is your CPS? Test your click speed right now! 👇


Click counter will start immediately after you hit "Start" button. There is NO TIME LIMIT, the test will continue until you stop clicking. The usual test with countdown is here.

Kohi click test is a mouse click per second test devised by Kohi, a Minecraft server to help players do better at playing the Minecraft game. While no one could have predicted it, it's quickly become one of the most preferred click speed tests on the internet garnering impressive numbers in a competitive war of clicks. On the other hand, given that it's closely linked to the Minecraft game, it's quite easy to understand why it's popular amongst gamers.

Social media and video game streaming have become the latest source of income for many millennials on the internet. And while the competitive nature of the gaming industry often leaves many behind, it's never been a deterrent. With tools like the Kohi click test and others, players can always improve their clicks per second score to get to the next level.

How to do the kohi click speed test

If you are not a gamer or at the very least not aiming to go pro, then you couldn't care about this test. But it's a good thing you are. So how do you improve your clicking on Kohi?

Does the kohi click speed test work?

A fair question to ask with an even simpler answer. Yes, the Kohi test works but not just for Minecraft players but all types of games. Think of the test as the hand to eye coordination exercise you need to pass that problematic level. Because experience is undoubtedly the best teacher.

In conclusion, the best thing about gaming is that there is always room for improvement thanks to the numerous exercise kits out there like the Kohi test. You could not benefit from it still despite its reputation if you don't push yourself to get better CPS scores regularly, you might as well not have taken the test in the first place. In other words, only by going through the motion repeatedly with consistency as described above will you begin to see true eye to hand coordination. It's time to start your professional career and make a fortune and a name for yourself.

How to make more CPS?

Your CPS can be improved by regular training and using these advanced clicking techniques: jitter clicking, butterfly clicking or drag clicking.