Jitter click test 10 seconds

Can you do jitter clicks? And how about jitter click and aim? Test your skills now! 👇


The test will start right after you click the "Start" button. Change size and speed of the target to make it easier or more difficult.

Regular click test with static button here.

CPS chart

No one could have foreseen decades ago that mouse clicking in gameplay would become a skill worthy of improving on the debut of PCs. And yet here we are, fortunately. It speaks to how little we know of tomorrow and how much can change with time. Today, different clicking techniques are employed in video gameplay with Jitter clicks being one of them.

What is the jitter click test?

It's a technique that refers to the repeated mouse clicking with just one finger at a fast pace in gameplay. In other words, it's only a faster version of the everyday left mouse clicks. While jitter click it’s very hard to aim because of a hand strain. To help players improve their jitter click aming we took regular click speed test and made the main button move.

Applicability of jitter click speed test

Jitter clicking is the most common type of technique used when playing video games. It's widely used in all different video games, most especially in shooting games. You use jitter clicking in your  most memorable victories and vice versa

Stepwise approach to the jitter click speed test

The Jitter clicking test is elementary and straightforward. It should be noted that while you can choose any time limit, ten seconds is most desirable as it's neither too short nor too long. In any case, these steps will guide you in case you are new to it.

Health concerns about the jitter CPS test

Regrettably, too much of everything is terrible and so is jitter clicking in excess. The most common health concerns raised include arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Nonetheless, it should be pointed out that you don't get either inflamed stiffened joints or numbed and weakened hands overnight. Therefore taking consistent measures short and long term breaks will quickly avert this crisis.

Like anything else, you get with practice, and jitter clicking is no exception. But it's essential not to overwork the muscles and joints in your hands to prevent undesired circumstances.