Spacebar speed test 10 seconds

How many times can you hit spacebar in 10 seconds? Use this simple test to find it out!

✔️ You have pressed spacebar 0 times.
⏱ Time: 10 s
The timer will start after you click the start button and press spacebar the first time.

What is spacebar speed test?

The space bar speed test shows how fast you can press the space bar, in result you get the spacebar speed, which is expressed in clicks per second. The standard time is 10 seconds.

Spacebar test can be used for TikTok challenges, competitions between friends or even for practicing skills for use in other games.

How does this test work?

To start spacebar test just click the "start"; button and press the spacebar key. The 10 seconds timer will start right after you press spacebar the first time.

After time is up, you will get your result and your max result ever on this website.

To start over just click "try again" button.

How to increase spacebar speed?

Not happy with your result? Good news is you can boost your spacebar speed quite easily. All you need is practice. Visit this page every day and do few tests one by one as fast as possible and you'll increase your speed very soon.

And if you have an old keyboard with heavy-action and loud keys, you might want to change it for something else with better keys.